Saturday, December 13, 2014

Rejoice with Us! GOOD NEWS!

I received this email at 5:15pm on Friday:

Here’s the news you’ve long been waiting for—your dossier was sent to China today (12/12/2014)!  J
After months and months of mailing documents hither and yon, waiting on signatures, paying fee upon fee, we finally completed our paper chase.  Our agency translated it and as we speak it's being hand-carried to the CCCWA in China.  Within three to five days we should receive notification that our dossier was delivered, then three to five weeks after that we will have our official Log-In Date.  We are still hoping to travel in the spring.  
There are two babies who will not grow up in institutions, who will know the love of a family, who will have a Daddy and Mommy, brothers and sisters.  And that makes my heart exceedingly glad.

For all of you who helped us with our expenses and work thus far, we extend a huge
If you wanted to help, but have not done so you can give to a 501c3 AdoptTogether, Paypal me at my email, or simply mail a check.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Buster's Brew Christmas Coffee Fundraiser Update

We are blessed! 

Our friends at Buster's Brew are passionate about adoption. Last night they opened their shop as a venue for a Christmas Coffee Tasting and Silent Auction. 


We had several friends and local businesses generously donate sixteen items for our auction; all except one sold and $692 was collected from auction items.

  • Dannenfelser Chiropractic
  • Tracy Jean Hair Styling at Moriri Town Center
  • Young Living Essential Oils, Christin Pivero
  • Good Life Goodies
  • Take & Bake Meals
  • Magnolia Acres Farm
  • PylesofPics, Etsy Shop

The immediate need we are fundraising for is our 2nd Agency Fee- $2,350 and  CCCWA (China Log-in) Fee- $1,290 = $3640.  This amount is due before December 31.

In all last night we received nearly $900.00
in ticket sales, auction items sold, and tshirt sales.

To date we have $2670 toward our goal. REJOICE WITH US!!!

P.S. If you missed the opportunity to give last night, there is still time!

You can paypal me at snaudirsch at gmail dot com

Or give here to the 501(c)3 AdoptTogether

If you would like to order one of my AWESOME adoption tshirts they are $20.  You can paypal me and tell me your size.

Finally, If you like coffee or tea or sandwiches or a cool local place to have lunch you should make Buster's Brew in New Caney your new favorite!